Quest “Baturyn – the heart of Hetmanshchyna”

Age of participants: pupils of the senior school age (15-18 years old).

Number of participants: from 10 to 30 students.

Frequency: by reservation.

Duration: 2.5 hours (together with the tour).

Cost for one person: 75 UAH.

Pre-registration by phone: (067) 542-97-05, (04635) 48-0-08.

Location: territory of the Citadel of the Baturyn fortress, the Museum of Archaeology of Baturyn, Square of Hetman’s Glory, Partizanska Str. 10, 2.


During the tour, with which the quest starts, you will learn the facts about the greatness of the Ukrainian Hetmans and the history of the Hetman’s capital of Baturyn. During the quest you will receive creative tasks, puzzles, crosswords and much more. Good mood and understanding of the significance of Hetman Baturyn is guaranteed!