Museum complex “Cossack Yard”

Museum complex “Cossack Yard” is a reconstruction of the historical environment of Baturyn of the post-Hetman period. It displays the estate of a rich Cossack family with the name of Mokhna. The preserved house of the 20th century reproduces household, manufacturing, leisure and worldview culture of the Baturyn family, which retained its class features till the beginning of the 20th century. The family was engaged in traditional Baturyn trades – millwork, winemaking, and trade. In addition, its representatives formed the cultural space of Baturyn, took an active part in public life.

The museum complex presents a variety of individual human destinies through the history of everyday life of the city of Baturin.


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Address: st. Partizanskaya, 18

Tel .: (04635) 48-4-87