Funds Collection

The main task of activity of the National Reserve “Hetmans’ Capital” is saving, studying and popularizing the history of the Ukrainian Cossack State – Hetmanshchyna. The scientific acquisition of the Reserve’s funds is carried out according to it. The directions of enriching of the funds collection are: archaeological investigations of Baturyn, ethnographical expeditions to collect the objects of museum importance, organization and carrying out of actions «Present to Baturyn Reserve an Exhibit”, purchase of objects of museum importance for the state and charitable money, receiving of objects as a gift. 

The Reserve creates conditions for familiarization of the public with the funds collection and its introduction into the scientific circulation through open exposition, creation of cards, catalogs, guides, publication of the results of their research in articles and publications.

The museum collection of the Reserve consists of 9900 museum items of the state part of the Museum Fund of Ukraine and 10113 items and materials of the scientific-supplementary fund. The numismatics and bonistics group, decorative and applied art, museum items containing precious metals and precious stones, icon painting, metal articles and others are widely represented. The unique archeological collection from researches of protected zones of the Reserve, which have been carried out systematically since 1995, presents Baturyn of Hetman’s era, deserves special attention. Historical painting of Ukraine cannot be imagined without works, which are a part of the Reserve`s collection – these are both portraits of Hetmans, and images of personalities of Cossacks, and disclosure of historical events by outstanding modern masters.

Purposeful activity of the team on scientific acquisition filled the collection with unique items. The pride of the collection is the museum items illustrating the history of Hetmanshchyna and Hetman’s capital of Baturyn. Among them there are the icon of the Mother of God with the Child of the 17th century, items from the Hetman residences of Demian Ignatovych, Ivan Samoilovych and Ivan Mazepa, items from the officer estates of Vasyl Kochubey and Pylyp Orlyk, fragments of tombstones of Hetman Kyrylo Rozumovsky 1803 by Ivan Martos, the Proclamation of Hetman Kyrylo Rozumovsky 1763, the backsword of the 18th century, the bas-relief of Petro Kochubey late 19th – early 20th century by Parmen Zabili and many others.