Free visits

Welcome Days in 2021

The National Historical and Cultural Reserve “Hetman’s Capital” announces Open Doors Days in the museums of the reserve:

– The Citadel area of the Baturyn Fortress,

– Museum of Archeology of Baturyn,

– Judge General Kochubey’s House,

– Kochubey Park,

– Park near the Palace of Hetman Kyrylo Rozumovsky:

April 18 – in honor of the Day of Monuments of History and Culture;

May 18 – International Museum Day

June 1 – Children’s Day;

November 13 – Baturyn Memorial Day.

In order to popularize the National Historical and Cultural Reserve “Hetman’s Capital”, to present museum collections to a wide range of visitors, to create its positive image and according to the letter of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine № 6710 / 61-14 from 08.01.2014 “About the Open Doors Day”, during the Open Doors Day free visits to these objects for all categories of citizens are established.

* Visits – free, tours are conducted on a general basis.

The right to visit the objects of the National Historical and Cultural Reserve “Hetman’s Capital” is free of charge for:

  1. Orphans and children deprived of parental care

Reason: Clause 11 of the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “About improvement of education, training, social protection and material provision of orphans and children deprived of parental care” from 05.04.1994 № 226 (in the presence of the certificate, which gives the right for free visiting of cinemas, exhibitions and museums).

  1. Children of preschool age

Grounds: part 2 of clause 8 of the Law of Ukraine «About culture ” (children of preschool age, pupils, students, pensioners, people with special needs) have the right to visit state and municipal cultural institutions and extracurricular educational institutions in the sphere of culture on preferential terms, stipulated by the legislation). Under article 20 of the Child Protection Act of Ukraine, the State provides children with free access to national spiritual and historical values and world cultural achievements through the use of library collections, exhibition halls and museums, etc., in order to promote the child’s social, spiritual and moral well-being and full development.

Documents: birth certificate (children of preschool age – up to 6 years old).

  1. Persons with category I-II types of disabilities

Grounds: Article 34 of the Law of Ukraine “On the basis of social protection of persons with disabilities in Ukraine” from March 21, 1991 № 875-XII (local executive authorities are obliged to provide persons with disabilities the necessary conditions for free access and use of cultural and entertainment institutions and sports facilities, for physical education and sports. Persons with disabilities use the listed services for free or on preferential terms in accordance with the decisions of local self-government bodies with the participation of public organizations of people with disabilities).

Documents: pension certificate (disability pension) and/or certificate of medical and social expertise.

  1. Veterans of World War II, participants of military actions, families of deceased military servicemen

Grounds: Article 3 of the Agreement on mutual recognition of benefits and guarantees for participants and disabled veterans of World War II, participants of military actions on the territory of other states and families of deceased military servicemen from April 15, 1994; ratified by Ukraine on April 26, 1996 (these categories of people are entitled to benefits when visiting cultural-educational institutions in the order, determined by the Party).

Family members of deceased military servicemen include parents, children, and wife (husband) of the deceased.

Documents: a certificate of a participant of military actions; a document confirming belonging to the family members of the deceased military serviceman (pension certificate, certificates, etc.).

  1. Employees of museums and reserves

Grounds: Article 28 of the Law of Ukraine ” About Museums and Museum Business” dated June 29, 1995 № 249 (museum employees have the right to use the reference, information, library and archive bases of the museums of Ukraine free of charge and to visit museum institutions).

Documents: a document certifying employment of the respective institution.

Upon showing the document certifying belonging to the specified category of citizens.

Reference 2. Free entrance (every Tuesday of the last week of the month) to the territory and expositions of the reserve museums, such as Judge General Kochubey House, Museum of Archaeology of Baturyn, Citadel of the Baturyn fortress, park “Kochubeivsky”, park near the Palace of Kyrylo Rozumovsky to persons with I and II category of disabilities, preschool age children, students of secondary special educational institutions, university students, regular military personnel, pensioners, veterans of WWII, participants of military actions upon showing documents that prove belonging to the specified categories.

Grounds: the Decree of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine № 2302 of 13.11.2020 “About realization of the right to visit enterprises, institutions and organizations related to the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine on preferential terms”.